What we do

Leading change

Following in the footsteps of Lavoisier and Bergson, the famous physician David Bohm suggests that reality only exists in terms of movement, of constant transformation of matter

Skills development

The challenges of constant change facing companies call for constant redefinition of business knowledge and practices thereby developed.

Team Resources Management©

« I’m landing on Hudson River! »: making some decisions have direct life (or death) consequences on the members of the team you work with, or more broadly on members of the public. How to improve the decision-making process, how to insure that we have the correct information;

Strategic reorientation

Should we keep doing what we’ve always done, focusing only on the development of our efficiency? Or is it time to reposition our work, in relation to changing needs and challenges in our environment, and invest our know-how in new markets?


Diversity is more than just a human resource issue: it is a strategic issue, being at the heart of the development of a company’s performance and competitiveness. Why?

Action Learning

Action Learning is the basis of all of our interventions: we strongly believe, and our experiences has confirmed this point of view, that it is only by putting into action the participants around concrete projects that can lead individuals and organizations to learn.

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